Friday, June 10, 2011

Spare the Rod, Spoil The Child, Or Beat the Child and Drive Them Wild?

For decades there's been controversy over what the proper way to discipline children is. Some parents are a firm believer in spankings while others are completely against it. According to society minorities are more likely than Caucasians to spank their children. I disagree with that theory. I'm seeing more and more Caucasians in fact DO beat their kids. But, the question is it even effective anymore? Children today are so hard headed does it do more harm than good to spank them? What are some ways to discipline children in today's age so you actually get your point across and not just enrage them? Tune in to Sunday's episode 06/12 and call in to let us know your views on children's rebellious behavior and what disciplinary action you think needs to be taken.


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