D2DB is an online radio station founded last year by three cousins with a vision of speaking to the world and helping other do so as well. The station specializes in issues affecting the urban community and in bringing you the latest and the greatest the music industry has to offer. Most of the time the best music that is out  is unsigned talent and underground music. We want to provide listeners with a rare opportunity to hear these people in their purest form, before they "blow", as well as help them with their rise to fame. We support independent and underground artist and want them to thrive and D2DB is just that, a place for them to shine. We also bring you up on the latest news and we discuss issues that affect the urban community on a daily basis. Life is flying by and the weeks are busy but, on Sunday & Thursday you can catch everything you missed all week just by tuning into the show. We are always welcoming guests on the show as well, we also allow guest hosts.Our energetic hosts make listening to DRAMATODABEAT enjoyable and unlike other radio stations, we always welcome our listeners to join in on the discussion weather you agree or disagree, we appreciate all opinions. After listening to one episode of D2DB you will realize this is the way radio is meant to be, uncut with honest opinions and minimum commercials.


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