Thursday, June 9, 2011

                 Lil Wayne HOW TO LOVE - DOWNLOAD HERE

Lil Wayne recently released a new single off of his upcoming album, The Carter IV titled, How To Love. The song has a pop feel and it the concept is different from what we're used to from this New Orleans, rapper. In fact, he isn't even rapping it's more of a ballad. None the less it's showing his growth as an artist and that he can also be versatile. He is making music that is allowing him to crossover and not only be confined to one type of audience and that is what a true artist does. This single has a deep metaphorical meaning, and from the moment I heard it I fell in love with it. Just when we thought he wasn't "human" and that he lost his mind, he surprised us and showed us he is human after all. I think this song was a wise career move for Wayne, a way to help him reconnect with his fans. What do you think? Will this song be beneficial, detrimental, or have no impact at all on his album or career?


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