Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Do you have to make sacrifices for fame? Nicki Minaj considers her changes a sacrifice others refer to it as "selling out" or "selling your soul" Old Nicki has my heart, I feel her music. It was [her music] much better because she had everything to prove and nothing to lose. I understand her broadening her horizens by opening up to new genres but, I don't agree with changing who you are. I listened to all of Minaj's pre-fame mixtapes, all of which can be found on She never mentioned anything about barbie or being pink, it was straight hood. Now, she's this person we no longer know saying she's always loved barbie and pink when three years ago you refered to yourself as Nicholis and supposedly went hard in the streets. I respect her hustle and her grind so I will not knock her and as a young female entering the entertainment industry I imagine it is easy to lose yourself if you don't go in knowing who you are. I can live with her switching up her flow but, the hip implants, the nose job, the boob job,the butt job just took things to a whole new level. I miss the old Nicki and I want her back. Her emotional ballad, "Dear Old Nicki" off of her Album ,"Pink Friday" explains why she made some of the changes. The fact she acknowledges that she has changed signifgantly gives me hope that maybe she'll come back and be who she really is. For everyone who hates Nicki Minaj, I urge you to listen to one of her old mixtapes and everyone who loves her now, go listen as well to see who see really is.  It's a sad situation but, there is talent underneath all those customes, voices, and make up. Who do you like better OLD NICKI or NEW NICKI? Would you change everything about yourself for a major record deal and fame?

OLD NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos of Nicki Minaj and song DEAR OLD NICKI


That's sad this is an example of not loving yourself and an idenity crisis.

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